Karl Schatz | Director & Customer Service


Karl has worn many hats, both technical and creative, since re-joining the company as its Production Manager in 2004. Karl spent his first year at Aurora as Digital Archive Manager in 1999. In between, Karl was the Online Picture Editor for Time Magazine and then spent a year traveling with his wife, Margaret, documenting the goat industry and culture in the USA, leading to a book, The Year of the Goat: 40,000 Miles and the Quest for the Perfect Cheese, written by Margaret. Karl received his BA in Soviet and Eastern European studies from Tufts University and an MA in Communications from Syracuse University. Karl is passionate about Photography, Food and Farming. Karl, Margaret, and their three daughters live on Ten Apple Farm where they lead goat hikes, raise chickens, pigs, sheep, goats, and vegetables, make cheese, and live as sustainably as possible. (photo: David Sutherland)

Larry Westler | Director of Creative Content & Customer Service


Larry has been taking photos to capture his own version of the truth since he was 9 years old, when his parents gave him a Kodak Fisher Price camera -- he's since updated to an adult model. A BS in Still Photography at Ithaca College was destined to follow. Since then, he's worked for Getty Images and Gallery Stock, freelanced in the commercial photography world, and used his superior math and verbal skills to help teenagers ace the SAT. Larry's a native New Yorker through-and-through; the move to Portland's been his biggest jump since switching boroughs from Queens to Brooklyn. When not at his desk, he's likely sitting in Mets seats from Shea Stadium drinking a hard cider from heirloom apples, eagerly anticipating blueberry season, planning his next backyard fruit and vegetable garden, and wondering when he'll get to wrestle with sub-adult grizzly bears

Nate Adams | Production Coordinator & Customer Service


Nate grew up on Peaks Island, just a short ferry ride from Aurora headquarters. He spent his formative years exploring the islands and woods of southern Maine. Nate went on to study acting, programming, music, sound, and film at Hampshire College in Amherst, Mass. After getting married in 2007, Nate and his wife moved to Austin, Texas, just in time for one of the worst droughts and the hottest summers in recorded history. In order to stay out of the heat, Nate joined Twist Tours, a Real Estate photography company, as Production Manager and photo editor. After six years in Texas, Nate is happy to be back in the cool Northeast and putting his photographer-wrangling skills to work at Aurora. Nate lives the suburban homesteading life in Portland with his wife, son, dog, six chickens, five raised bed gardens, and two compost piles.

Savannah Daras | Photographer Workflow Assistant

207.828.8787 x709

Savannah is originally from Florida, but moved to Maine with her family at the age of 8 and has lived here ever since. She graduated from college with a degree in Computer Science, even though her passion has always been in the arts. Savannah has been a freelance creative portrait and fine art photographer since 2008. She also loves animals a great deal, which inspired her to go vegan, as well as her love for the earth and the environment. Savannah has lived in several different places including polar opposite locations like London, England and Bali, Indonesia. Her dream is to make that list much larger. Some of her other favorite activities include traveling, cooking/eating delicious food, being surrounded by nature, spending a lot of time on the computer editing, watching her favorite shows on repeat on Netflix, or spending time with her boyfriend and family.

Sally | Office Dog / Complaint Department


Sally comes to Maine after being rescued in the South, but she has made winter her own, gulping snow at every opportunity. Sally mostly works remotely, but when she’s in the office, belly rub efficiency shoots through the roof. Sally is currently in a continuing education course to learn how to sign for FedEx packages. All complaints should be directed to Sally.

Jose Azel | President & Founder


José Azel received a BA from Cornell University, where he began shooting pictures for the annual. After completing his Masters in Journalism at the University of Missouri, he joined the staff of the Miami Herald. Since 1981, Azel has been a freelance photojournalist for international magazines. As a consultant on photojournalism and multimedia, Azel has worked for Apple Computer, Inc., Scholastic, Inc. and Time, Inc. In 1993, together with Bob Caputo, he founded a hybrid company called Aurora and Quanta Productions that helped define the digital narratives a bit before the market was ready. Today, Aurora Photos is a successful photo agency circling back to digital storytelling. When not shooting or leading Aurora, Azel spends most of his time wondering why he didn't become a neurosurgeon.