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For two decades Aurora Photos has been cultivating one of the most unique image collections in the photography marketplace. With deep roots in storytelling at the highest level, Aurora continues to stand out from the pack. We bring together photography from the most creative image makers in the world.

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Looking for a fresh perspective on a stock agency?

  • We are a community of individuals that make up an amazing whole
  • We realize that your imagery is the lifeblood of what makes us unique
  • We strive to build long lasting cooperative relationships
  • We eat, breathe and bathe in photography
  • We are real people with a ton of experience, fully accessable to you
  • We have a worldwide diversified distribution network
  • We maximize the visibility and salability of your images
  • We understand the equation of quality + quantity over time = $$ for you

We welcome your inquiry for representation!

Send an email to editors[at]auroraphotos[dot]com
Make sure to include:
  • Your name
  • Your phone #
  • A link to your website or online portfolio
  • And tell us something about your photography and why you are interested in joining Aurora.
  • Q: What's Aurora's History?

    A: For more than 20 years Aurora has been representing high quality photography. Founded in 1993 to distribute editorial stories for a handful of National Geographic photographers, overtime the business model shifted to stock photography. In 2004, Aurora made the decision to focus on commercial stock photography with model & property released outdoor adventure and lifestyle photography. Today, our core strengths remain the great quality of our photography, and our relationship with our fantastic contributors.

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  • Q: What kind of work is Aurora looking for?

    A: Aurora continues to grow our core categories of outdoor adventure, healthy and active lifestyle, nature's beauty, and remote travel to adventuresome destinations. Within those categories, we put an emphasis on accepting model and property released images that can be sold as part of our high quality royalty-free (RF) collection or exclusive rights managed (RM) photography. Right now we are especially looking for fresh and diverse lifestyle photography. For some examples of the kind of photography we're looking for, check out this lightbox of images.

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  • Q: What are Aurora's terms for representation?

    A: For RF images, we allow contributors to license their images directly to clients, but you cannot distribute your accepted RF images to any other agencies or archives. For RM we work primarily under image exclusive contracts, and only Aurora can license and distribute the images. Exclusivity gives us the necessary ability to control rights for commercial clients, and the flexibility to place those images with certain partners with whom we have exclusive and co-exclusive relationships.

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  • Q: What are the splits?

    A: Aurora offers a competative industry split of 60/40 Aurora/Contributor. For contributors who refer sales of image exclusive images to our sales team, we flip that split around and pay 60% of that specific sale back to the contributor.

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  • Q: When are royalties paid?

    A: Royalties are paid on a monthly basis. We pay when we are paid and we keep a running total of pending licenses, giving you the ability to see what will be collected for payment in future royalties.

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  • Q: How do you decide if an image is to be licensed as RM or RF?

    A: We put this decision in the hands of our extremely capable and experienced editors who know our collections as well as the marketplace for photography. They know under which licensing model an image can generate the most revenue for a photographer. Today over 60% of the marketplace is royalty-free, and we are looking to lead that market with the best RF images in our core categories. At the same time, we know the value of a unique rights-managed image that will inspire photo buyers and can fetch higher prices when exclusivity is needed. We balance our two collections appropriately.

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  • Q: Who will be selling my work? Who are Aurora's partners?

    A: Aurora has a diverse distribution network that includes the biggest players in the stock photography market such as Getty and Corbis, as well as smaller, more specialized and regional agents around the world. This allows us to give contributor images exposure to the most image buyers possible and thus generate the most revenue.

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  • Q: What is the turnaround time on submissions?

    A: Our editing and workflow team prides itself on speed and efficiency. Typically you will hear back from us within a wek of submitting work. Our feedback is always honest and supportive. It is our goal to help you create the highest quality and most sellable work possible.

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  • Q: What is your typical acceptance rate?

    We have a brand that focuses on the best. Our reputation with image buyers demands that we keep our quality bar high, thus our acceptance rates average between 25-35% of images submitted.

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  • Q: Is there still money to be made with stock photography?

    A: Yes, absolutely, we believe there is. It's not as easy as it used to be, and there are few photographers these days who can make a living solely off stock photography. Yet, there is no doubt that revenue from stock photography can be a valuable part of your overall photography business. Even a meager commitment to stock, a day or two a month, will pay off over time. If you follow the equation of quality + quantity over time -- you will see a return.

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  • Q: What is the right balance of quality vs. quantity?

    A: This will vary from photographer to photographer, but our most successful contributors submit quality work on a regular basis (every month or at least every quarter). If you make regular quality submissions over the course of a year, in the range of 300-700 images per year, you will see a return on your investment.

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  • Q: How important is it to make regular submissions? Are several smaller submissions better than one big submission at the end of the year?

    A: It's very important to keep a constant flow of new images into the marketplace. Images get stale very quickly, and most stock photography websites, including Aurora's, puts a premium on more recent images. Millions of images flood the photography marketplace. Often only the newest images get noticed. Photo buyers typically view only the first several pages of search results, which in general are the newer images. By keeping your images trickling in, you increase your odds. That said, if one or two large submissions a year better suits your own personal workflow, then go for it. It's better to get the images into the marketplace than not at all. They won't make any money sitting on your hard drive.

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  • Q: How accessible is Aurora's team?

    A: Aurora's team is extremely accessible, from our President and CEO, Jose Azel, to our editors, workflow team, sales team, and accounting office, we are all just an email or phone call away. We talk to our contributors everyday, and we wouldn't have it any other way. We are in this to build long-term cooperative relationships with both our contributors and our clients.

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  • Q: More Questions?

    A: Email us at editors[AT] Please include your full name, phone#, information about yourself and your photography and a link to your website or online portfolio.

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