Tanzanian student sitting at desk in school
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Mforo, Tanzania
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Solar Sister entrepreneur Julieth Mollel’s grandson, Christian in school. Because of Julieth’s work with Solar Sister Julieth is able to help pay the school fees for her four grandchildren. He attends a government primary school near Arusha, Tanzania. Julieth’s personal world is brighter because, as a Solar Sister entrepreneur near Arusha, Tanzania, she earns enough money to send her grandchildren to school. Until she started working for Solar Sister in Tanzania life was becoming almost unbearable for Julieth. Cooking over her traditional cook stove made of three stones and an open fire pit put out a lot of smoke that she breathed in when she cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner for her family. Julieth has been working for Solar Sister almost since it opened in Tanzania in 2013, almost three years at this time. She heard about the solar lanterns and the opportunity to sell the lanterns and thought she could give it a try. She also learned about the cookstoves and tried the wood cookstove herself first. She soon saw that it used much less fuel than the traditional way of cooking and that she did not have to gather as much firewood. She was also pleased that it put out very little smoke. She decided that she could sell these solar lanterns and cookstoves herself. She has had a lot of success selling the products to her community which consists of small scattered farms. Julieth is helping to support her grandchildren to go to school and her granddaughter Ritha just graduated from a private primary school and is taking exams to get into the secondary school. While she still supplements her income by selling crops she is able to have a little savings put aside from her Solar Sister sales. She stands tall when she says she is a Solar Sister Entrepreneur and her success in selling the lanterns and cookstoves has given her hope for her future and the future of her grandchildren.
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