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  • Why should I register?

    Register to get these great benefits:


    • Access to more features to help you find and manage the images you are looking for
    • More advanced search options
    • View and download unwatermarked images as well as high resolution images
    • Unlimited lightboxes to store and share images
    • Custom pricing and faster checkout with saved order preferences
    • Your own sales rep


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  • How do I register?

    Register by clicking on the REGISTER button at the top of each Aurora Photos page. If you are already a registered user, click LOGIN.

    You will be asked to enter your email address and password and provide some additional required information.

    Check the “get newsletter” box if you would like to receive updates, promotions or information about special deals and fun contests from Aurora.

    Check the box indicating that you agree to the terms and conditions of Aurora Photos and this website.

    Click SUBMIT.

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  • Searching

    Do I need to register and login before I can search?

    You can do basic searches of the site as an unregistered user, but there are many benefits to registering, and we highly recommend it for the best user experience possible. Registering is free and easy and it allows you to have complete access to our growing collection of images and advanced search features to find what you’re looking for. Click here to register. If you are already registered, click here to login

    Navigating images

    After you perform a search the results will be displayed and you and number of options. When you put your mouse over the thumbnail the image ID, Photographer and a brief caption will be displayed along with along with the option to:

     add the image to a lightbox
     download the image (when allowed)
     add the image to your cart
     get price (preview image)

    You also click on the image to view a larger preview. Here you can view the caption, download a comp or high res, get pricing information, add image to lightbox, view keywords and search by keywords, and add the image a to your cart.

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  • Search Tips

    We have an amazing collection that's filled with images that you're going to love browsing through and looking at. But we also know it's important to find the right image quickly. Here are some useful search tips which might help:

    • Use OR, AND, NOT in your search to include or exclude keywords. For example, Dog NOT puppy
    • a “|” will also work in place of OR and a “-” in place of NOT. For example, Dog | Cat is the same as dog OR cat, and Dog -puppy is the same as Dog NOT puppy.
    • Putting two words together in the search field is the same as using AND between two words. For example, “man dog” will provide the same results as “man AND dog”.
    • Use parentheses to create search strings e.g. if you’re looking for two people running or jogging, you can try: (2 or two) and (men or women) and (running or jogging)'


    Search Filters

    We have provided a set of useful filters on the left hand side of the search results page. You can filter your results based on a range of criteria, including license type, model release, orientation and other matching keywords.


    Advanced Search

    We have provided a set of useful filters on the left hand side of the search results page. You can filter your results based on a range of criteria, including license type, model release, orientation and other matching keywords.

    Registered and logged in users can use our ‘advanced search’ link in our navigation if you want to be even more specific about what you’re looking for, or broaden your search across other searchable data in our database.

    Our default search searches keywords, locations, photographer names, images IDs, and a short subject or headline for each image.

    Advanced search allows you to narrow your search by searching only keywords, or by date shot or date uploaded, license type, color, number of people, released or not, and orientation.

    Advanced search also allows you to broaden your search to include our longer free form caption field that is written by photographers. This sometimes leads to results you may not expect for certain terms. However, if your initial search using our default keyword search doesn’t return a large result, you might want to try broadening you search to include the caption field as well.


    What if I still can't find what I'm looking for?

    Let us help you with your searching! Our responsive account executives and researches know our archive extremely well and would love to help you find the images that you need. Call 207-828-8787 x300 or email sales[at]auroraphotos[dot]com


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  • Customizing display preferences

    There are a number of display options and that you can set to make your searching and site use optimized to your personal preferences, such as the number of images displayed in your search result, the way your search result is sorted, whether you want to view the search result in our “Big Grid” or more traditional thumbnails. You can also set how many lightboxes or lightbox images you want to view at one time in your LIGHTBOXES pages.

    Search Result Sort Order

    We've provided three sort options which will re-order your search results:
    • Default - Our default curated search result gives you our best images as chosen by our dedicated editors, with a slight emphasis put on newly added content, so you’ll be seeing our best and newest images that satisfy your search criteria.
    • Newest First - Date Added – Images sorted by their date of upload to our site so you can easily see all our newest content.
    • Newest First - Date Shot – Images sorted by their date of creation by the photographer, so you can easily see the most recently created content.

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  • What are lightboxes and how do I use them?

    Save your favorite images from a search by creating a lightbox. The images in your lightbox become your personal collection at Aurora Photos. It is easy to add, delete, and rearrange images, read details and magnify images while viewing your lightbox. You can create as many lightboxes as you need. Saving images in your lightbox saves you time on your return visit. A lightbox allows you to view a pre-selected group of images and show them to a co-worker, editor or art director.

    • To create a new lightbox click on the grey LIGHTBOX tab at the bottom of the screen and click on NEW LIGHTBOX
    • To add an image to a lightbox click on the icon that you will see when you scroll over the thumbnail image.
    • After you have created a lightbox and added images you can view all of the images by clicking on the grey LIGHTBOX tab at the bottom of the screen and click view lightbox.
    • You can also add an image to a lightbox from the preview screen after you have clicked on the thumbnail
    • You can manage your lightboxes by clicking on LIGHTBOXES at the top right of the screen. You can search for the lightbox that you are looking for by using the search field or scroll down to view your ligthboxes. Here you can:
      • Download a low res zip file of all the images and if you have high res access you can also download a high res zip (email sales@auroraphotos.com or call 207-828-8787 *300 for high res access)
      • Download a PDF
      • Order all of the images
      • Email Lightbox
      • Rename Lightbox
      • Delete Lightbox
    • If you have any trouble with your lightboxes, please let us know, and we’ll be happy to assist you. Please call 207.828.8787 x300, or email sales[at]auroraphotos[dot]com


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  • How do I Download an image?

    Once you have registered and logged in, you can download non-watermarked comp images. If you are a preferred client or user, we can set you up with high resolution download access. Contact our sales team at 207.828.8787 x300, or email sales[at]auroraphotos[dot]com for more information. There a few ways to download an image: If you have high res download access you can download a high res image by clicking on that you will see when you scroll over the thumbnail image, or you can click on the image and you will see a download tab where you can download a comp or high res image.

    You can also download comps and high res images from a lightbox (See above)

    Downloading comp (or hires) images for layout placement or internal decision making to determine usage is a courtesy extended to registered users and preferred clients. In case of any usage, you must report that use to Aurora by calling 207.828.8787 x300 or emailing sales[at]auroraphotos[dot]com. Any use not first cleared with Aurora will be in violation of United States copyright laws.


    How do I download an high-res image that I have purchased?

    Once you have purchased an image, you will be able to download the image from the MY IMAGES page that you can find in a drop down menu under the MY INFO in the upper right corner of the screen

    Understanding High Resolution File Sizes

    All of our high resolution files download as high quality compressed JPG files. The file size that you see when the file is being transferred from our server and downloaded to your computer is a COMPRESSED file size. The file that appears to be 5-10 MB in Finder or Windows Explorer is compressed at a high quality for ease of storage and speed of transfer. When the file is decompressed, ie, opened up in an app or program such as Adobe Photoshop, the file size of the decompressed file will match the full file size listed on our website. This uncompressed size is typically around 50-60 MB.



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  • Licensing: What does it mean to "license" an image?

    When you license an image you purchase access to Aurora Photos' high-quality imagery for a specific use that is define by the terms of the license.

    How much will it cost me to license an image?

    The licensing fee is calculated using a pricing matrix. If you are licensing a Rights Managed image, your licensing fee will be based on a combination of the Usage Type (ex. Corporate: Annual Reports), Quantity (ex. 50,000-100,000), and Size (ex. 1/2 page).

    If you are licensing a Royalty Free image, your licensing fee will be based on the size and resolution of the image that you want to license.

    At the time you order or price an image, you will be asked to enter information that will determine your licensing fee.

    If you have any trouble pricing or licensing an image, if you are interested in licensing an image with any kind of exclusivity, or your licensing specifications are not listed or you have questions about the price of an image, please call 207-828-8787x300 or email sales[at]auroraphotos[dot]com

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  • Purchasing: How do I purchase an image?

    Add imagess to cart

    First you need to add the image(s) to your cart. This can be done a few ways:
    • From the search screen click on  to add the image to your cart.
    • You can select image(s) that are in a lightbox.
      1. After you have finished your lightbox, click on LIGHTBOXES in the upper right corner then click on the lightbox name to view the entire lightbox.
      2. Select the image(s) that you would to purchase by clicking the checkbox below the thumbnail. There is also an option to select all of the images in the lightbox.
      3. Then click ORDER NOW
    • When you are looking at the preview image click on the PRICE tab and enter your usage and click apply. Your image will now be added to your cart.
    • You can view the images in your cart anytime by clicking on CART in the upper right corner.


    Enter usage and get price

    • Click on CART in the upper right cover.
    • If you haven’t already entered you usage you can do so here.
    • For RM images click on Add license and select your usage and hit APPLY.
    • For RF image select the size the you need.
    If your licensing specifications are not listed or you have questions about the price of an image, please call 207-828-8787x300 or email sales[at]auroraphotos[dot]com


    When you check out, you have the option of sending the invoice to different address by clicking on Change Invoice Address.
    1. After you have finished adding the images(s) to your cart click CHECK OUT  
    2. Select PayPal, Invoice or Credit Card
    3. Click CHECKOUT
      • If you select PayPay you will be directed to the PayPal site.
      • If you selected Credit Card you will need to enter you credit card information
    4. You will receive a confirmation email and you can view your order in My Orders. If you selected Invoice, an official Invoice will be emailed to you within 48 hours.
    5. Now you can either download the images one by one or click ZIP or Click on My Images
    6. You can view My Images Or My Orders anytime by clicking on MY INFO in the upper right corner

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  • Commercial & Editorial Uses and Model Releases

    What's a release?

    Model and property releases ensure that the people or property (works of art, trademarks, brands or buildings) featured in an image or clip are cleared for commercial use. You do not normally require a release for editorial use.

    What is a commercial use?

    • Commercial use generally means that an image or clip is used to sell a product, promote something or raise money for a cause. This includes use in advertising, marketing, promotion, packaging, publication covers, advertorials and consumer or merchandising products.
    • Aurora does not generally have releases available for trademarks, brands, logos, copyright works - such as works of art and other similar intellectual property. We recommend you seek specialist legal advice for use of any images or clips featuring any of these intellectual properties.

    When don't I need a release for commercial use?

    • If the image does not feature people, buildings, trademarks, brands or works of art or other 3rd party intellectual property.
    • If the featured buildings or people are not recognizable, you may not require a release, but you may want to seek specialist legal advice before publishing such an image.
    • Since an image may be used in a large variety of ways and since laws vary country by country, it is your responsibility to determine whether or not a release is needed. You need to ensure that the release is suitable for your requirements and obtain any additional permissions from 3rd parties if applicable.

    What is an editorial use?

    Editorial use generally means when an image is used to illustrate a newsworthy article, a critique or an educational text.


    When do I need a release for editorial use?

    • Images featuring works of art which are still in copyright might require additional 3rd party permissions for editorial use, so you should seek specialist legal advice. Speak to us if you're not sure, but we would generally recommend a cautious approach.
    • Times when you need to be extra careful – when a standard release may not be enough
    • Releases generally don't allow uses that could be deemed to be controversial, sensitive or defamatory. You should avoid the following uses and seek legal advice:
    • Defamation of character or business – embellishment, distortion or fictionalization of a person's character or corporation's image.
    • Sensationalized use – a use intended to distort the ‘truth’ of an image or video clip.
    • Sensitive use – a 3rd party may have signed a release but may not consent to their likeness or property being used for a sensitive issue subject.


    Image Release Disclaimers

    • For your convenience in finding an appropriate image for your use, we have indicated which images have releases available and which ones do not, and for which images a release may not be necessary. Regardless of how an image is designated in the database, you are responsible in the end, prior to any publication, to make sure that you have all required releases and legal rights and permissions to publish the image in the manner which you are choosing. We highly recommend that you verify the existence of a valid and legal model or property release, as Aurora Photos is not responsible for any legal actions that may result from your publication or use of our images. At your request, we will always provide you with a copy of any release that we have available. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information.
    • Aurora can't guarantee that an image marked as having a release has one appropriate to your needs.
    • Releases are held and release information provided by the individual photographers and Aurora is not responsible for the information they attach to their images.
    • Not all of Aurora's royalty free images are necessarily model or property released.
    • You are advised to seek legal advice before relying on any information provided on this website.

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