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Going Solar   Going Solar
Topher Donahue / Aurora Photos
Since 2008, solar panel installation has increased at a record pace in the United States. Solar energy has become an attractive alternative as traditional energy costs continue to increase. Recent surveys show that 90% of Americans support the use of solar power in everyday life.
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Built To Rock   Built To Rock
Alessandro Gandolfi / Parallelozero / Aurora Photos
It is a simple truth in the music world -the greatest guitarists require the greatest guitars. Enter the Gibson guitar factory in Memphis, Tennessee where guitars are skillfully crafted for superstars like B.B. King, Eric Clapton, and Keith Richards. From the use of exclusive fine woods to the handcrafted finish, no detail is left un-perfected. The practices and beliefs in first-class craftsmanship established in 1936 still ring true in the factory today.
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Geoduck Harvest   Geoduck Harvest
Mike Kane / Aurora Photos
The Geoduck - a species of very large clam - has seen a boom due to high demand in Asian countries where the clam is seen as a delicacy. In Pudget Sound, Washington, the Suquamish Native American Tribe has capitalized on the area's rich supply of Geoduck, establishing the Suquamish Seafood Corporation. The business provides great employment opportunities for tribal members as well as an increase in the region’s commerce with international buyers.
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Recycling Wizards   Recycling Wizards
Zanzottera / ParalleloZero / Aurora Photos
In the capital of Mali there is a place where hundreds of people are busy in a sort of percussion concert; the district of blacksmiths. African blacksmiths are a scorned caste, yet feared at the same time. Viewed as magicians who are able to tame fire to make utensils such as ploughs, stoves, trunks and pails out of car wrecks, old oil drums and food cans. In the Western world, where recycling is a relatively new trend, we don't realize that in nations such as Africa, people do it everyday out of necessity.
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Maine Farmlands   Maine Farmlands
Bridget Besaw / Aurora Photos
Photographer Bridget Besaw spent over a year photographing Maine farms for the book "From the Land". Published by the Maine Farmland Trust, the book showcases seven farms that take different approaches to farmland preservation. Besaw's images capture the vibrancy and exciting future of Maine's Farms.
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Abu Dhabi Arabian Miracle   Abu Dhabi Arabian Miracle
Sergio Ramazzotti / ParalleloZero / Aurora Photos
Before the discovery of oil in the Seventies, Abu Dhabi was a modest fishing village surrounded by desert dunes. In just over forty years, the Emirate boasts one of the most modern cities on the Arabian peninsula, however this was all obtained thanks to the desalination of large quantities of seawater and the slave labor of thousands of immigrants.
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India and Italy Parmesan   India and Italy Parmesan
Marco Gualazzini / Parallelozero / Aurora Photos
Multiculturalism, dialogue and reception are slowly becoming the norm in the Italian province of Parma as immigration, particularly Indian, becomes more prevalent. Indian immigrants are being incorporated into the growth, trade and wealth of the area, engaging in agriculture and dairy production and over time sharing in the important tradition of the Parma area; Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.
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Saudi Arabia: Wind of Change   Saudi Arabia: Wind of Change
Zanzottera / ParalleloZero / Aurora Photos
Signs of change are becoming evident in Saudi Arabia as it slowly becomes a more modern state, modeling itself after the United Arab Emirates. Even the princes are investing in non-oil arenas, such as the city centers and flourishing tourist industry. At the same time, a few unique reforms are taking shape, like the appointment of the first female minister. Photographer Bruno Zanzottera illustrates the modernization of this traditionalist oil empire.
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Back to work in the Gulf?   Back to work in the Gulf?
Alessandro Gandolfi / Parallelo Zero / Aurora
While some areas have recently opened to fishing, change for many comes slowly. Photographer Alessandro Gandolfi explores the aftermath of the BP oil spill along the Gulf of Mexico.
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Tobacco   Tobacco
Rocco Rorandelli / TerraProject / Aurora Photos
When photographer Rocco Rorandelli's father was dying of lung cancer and refused to stop smoking cigarettes, Rorandelli decided he needed to learn more about the industry. He visited China and India, the first and second largest producers of tobacco in the world. These photos explore the extreme differences he found between the two country's views on tobacco; in China the industry is synonymous with prosperity and is a symbol of suburbia, while in India tobacco is equated with poverty and hardship.
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Meat Packing   Meat Packing
Kevin Moloney / Aurora Photos
At the Cargill meat packing plant in Fort Morgan, Colorado, vaccinating the cattle for e-coli is one of the many measures taken to control the harmful-to-humans pathogens that can come in the process of slaughtering. Inspectors work hard taking core samples and scanning beef trimmings to be tested for e-coli and other contaminants.
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Beyond a Spill   Beyond a Spill
James Balog / Aurora Photos
James Balog gets into the visceral heart of the gulf spill catastrophe, an epic breakdown of technology and of the human response to the breakdown. From the source, to the fisherman, to the earth, Balog illustrates the entire episode as a bitter paradox; a fight of technology versus nature.
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Gabon: The Lost Eden   Gabon: The Lost Eden
Davide Scagliola / Parallelozero / Aurora Photos
Gabon has two main resources, wood and oil. With logging as the country's main industry, the country's economy grew, however the industry also took a toll on the environment. In 2002, the president lowered the wood cutting quota creating 13 National Parks to try to restore Gabon back to it's natural state.
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Singapore: High Tech Powerhouse   Singapore: High Tech Powerhouse
David McLain / Aurora Photos
Singapore is a city with its head in the future and its soul in the past. In just 150 years, Singapore has grown into a thriving centre of commerce and industry. The per capita income for its 3.7 million citizens exceeds that of many European countries, the education and health systems rival anything in the West, government officials are largely corruption free, taxes are relatively low, sidewalks are clean, and its port is the busiest in the world with over 600 shipping lines sending super tankers, container ships and passenger liners out globally.
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Green Collar   Green Collar
Various Photographers / Aurora Photos
From installing solar panels to weatherizing homes, brewing biofuels, to building hybrid cars, there is no doubt that the number of green-collar jobs is growing, as homeowners, businesses and industry shift toward conservation and renewable energy. Make green by being green with Aurora Photos.
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Windpark   Windpark
Sabine Vielmo / Gruppe 28 / Aurora Photos
Until 2007, Germany was the world's largest user of wind power with an installed capacity of 22.3 GW that year. More than 19,460 wind turbines are located in the German federal area and the country has plans to build more. Sabine Vielmo documents the construction of a 2 megawatt wind turbine in Ketzin Germany.
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Containerization   Containerization
Pascal Maitre / Cosmos / Aurora Photos
Throughout the world, Intermodal containers are used to move products and raw materials between locations and countries. Today approximately 90% of non-bulk cargo is transported by container, either by ship, train, freight or plane. In many parts of the world, the containers are recycled and used for sheet metal and homes.
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Recycling in Greece   Recycling in Greece
Gerasimos Domenikos / Invision / Aurora Photos
Greece is embarking on a long-term plan to overhaul its waste management practices. New technologies that meet the demand for disposal, energy generation, recycling, and building new, closed-loop systems that limit waste generation are needed to deal with an increasing burden of waste and recyclable materials.
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Natural Gas   Natural Gas
Various Photographers / Aurora Photos
In the past, natural gas was almost always a byproduct of producing oil but now it is being sought after as a clean, safe and useful energy source.  Drilling for natural gas, which is becoming increasingly popular in the US, has raised many concerns including the contamination of groundwater supplies used for drinking and agriculture.
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Bring in the Fish   Bring in the Fish
Abner Kingman / Aurora Photos
Aboard the MERVA W out of San Francisco two fishermen in their sixties are passing the torch to three young newcomers in their twenties. The new generation is focusing on value rather than volume. The future belongs the entrepreneurial and adaptable, to make a living harvesting the ocean.
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A Colorful Harvest   A Colorful Harvest
Kerry Sherck / Aurora Photos
The 40-acre Old Colony Bog was started around 1886 in South Yarmouth, Massachusetts. The bog produces two kinds of cranberries, the Early Black and Howes varieties. According to owner, Craig Williams. the bog still contains about 75 percent of the original plants.
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Consumerism in China   Consumerism in China
M.Scott Brauer / Invision Images / Aurora Photos
The country's reputation as the world's factory still rings true, but increasingly the consumer goods churned out by Shenzhen's factories remain in China. International retailers have been expanding in China for decades. The country's enormous consumer class now draws the world's attention as a potential savior from the current economic turmoil. The domestic market here is the largest in the world, and the potential for expansion into China has become a major priority for many international companies.
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Ice Break Gulf of Finland   Ice Break Gulf of Finland
Walter Schmitz / Gruppe28 / Aurora
Bitter cold bears down from Russia and locks the Gulf of Finland in ice. Parts of the Guld may be covered with ice for up to 120 days disrupting shipping lanes and that's when the Finnish icebreaker Sisu goes to work.
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Oil Sands   Oil Sands
Peter Essick / Aurora Photos
The once pristine land of Alberta, Canada is now the site of over 150 miles of oil sand mines. Some claim that this recently tapped reserve could provide over 8 times the US capacity for oil, while others point out that the cost of prosperity has destroyed habitats, polluted air and water, and is possibly related to a rise in cancer rates in the area. Explore how the land and people are being effected by the oil sands.
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Illuminating Science   Illuminating Science
Thomas Ernsting / Agentur Bilderberg / Aurora Photos
From lasers to holograms, German scientists are exploring methods of harnessing light that could potentially change the way we work, sleep and relax. Let technology illuminate you at Aurora Photos.
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Farming Life   Farming Life
Dan Chung / Aurora Photos
Family farming has always interested photographer Dan Chung because it is a lifestyle that demands a lot, but pays very little. The farm's future in the next 5 years is uncertain. but they have held on to this lifestyle for many years now. Things are tougher for them now more than ever, but they are very tough people.
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New Foundland   New Foundland
Andrew Querner / Aurora Photos
For centuries, the cod industry sustained a way of life that came to define Canada's most eastern province. Today, with few alternatives, many are being forced to seek work in far away places like Ontario and Alberta, a trend reflected in census statistics. As the population leaves home and family behind in search of opportunity, the out-port communities and the culture that surrounds them quickly erodes.
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Tequila   Tequila
Aaron Ansarov / Aurora Photos
Archeologists say the agave has been cultivated for at least 9000 years in the central, arid highlands of Mexico. In the 400 years following the Conquest, tequila has become an icon of the Mexican nationality, pride and culture.
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Anita Conti's World   Anita Conti's World
Anita Conti / Agence Vu / Aurora Photos
In the 1950's, Anita Conti spent many fishing seasons aboard French Newfoundland bound trawlers over cod fisheries. She captured and described this floating world in amazing photographs.
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Dubai: Flourishing Sports Mecca   Dubai: Flourishing Sports Mecca
Lars Tunbjork / Agence VU / Aurora Photos
Dubai is emerging as a center of interest in the world for sports. Emirati billionaires pursue their quest to provide the biggest and best of everything from golf courses watered by 2,256 sprinklers to one of the world's largest indoor ski resorts.
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Life at Sea   Life at Sea
Aurora Photographers
For a commercial fisherman, life at sea is a constant interaction with mother nature. At times in can be brutal work that pushes these dedicated people to their limits. This feature gives you a glimpse into what these courageous people call their office.
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Maine Blueberries   Maine Blueberries
Various Aurora Photographers
Maine's state berry is the blueberry, and a thriving industry of wild and cultivated blueberries exists in the state. From pies to pancakes, and even a blueberry festival, the hype is backed by fact.
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Our Toxic World   Our Toxic World
Peter Essick / Aurora Photos
Chemicals are all around us. Their applications endless: flame retardant clothes, air fresheners, perfumes, more vibrant colors. All this convenience comes at what cost? Aurora photographer Peter Essick examines the toll that chemicals take on our bodies and minds.
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Does it bring more than oil?   Does it bring more than oil?
Pascal Maitre / Cosmos / Aurora
One of the biggest engineering projects of the decade, the Baku-Tbili-Ceyhan (BTC) pipeline was expected to benefit the economies and inhabitants of Turkey, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. Running east-west from Baku, Azerbaijan on the Caspian Sea, through Tbilisi, Georgia and finally to Ceyhan, Turkey on the Mediterranean; the BTC transmits oil to points in Europe and across the world. Despite this, however, the standard of living in these countries remains low, and the pipeline brings new environmental and physical dangers. Now, with construction on new natural gas and oil pipelines underway, the region has become a region of great strategic significance, often, to the detriment of its inhabitants. "
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Carbon Cycle Disturbed   Carbon Cycle Disturbed
Peter Essick / Aurora Photos
The natural carbon cycle works when plants take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and replace oxygen. Since the burning of fossil fuels, humans have been adding excess carbon into the atmosphere which was locked up in coal and oil deposits. This excess is causing the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to rise and warm the earth like a greenhouse.
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Introducing Marc Steinmetz   Introducing Marc Steinmetz
Marc Steinmetz /Aurora
Hamburg-based photographer, Marc Steinmetz leads his field in science and technology photography. He is a story teller, as well as a fantastic illustrator of concepts and ideas. However, he lives in constant fear. As he puts it, "The nagging fear of not being good enough constantly drives me to improve on my work. ”
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The Banana Business   The Banana Business
Peter Essick / Aurora
There is much to learn about the banana and plantain business in Central and South America. Join Peter as he documents the cultural, environmental and social impact of this industry.
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Azerbaijan Oil   Azerbaijan Oil
Hans Madej / Gruppe28 / Aurora
Currently Turkmenistan and Azerbijan are discussing ownership of some very productive oil fields that lie in the middle of Caspian. Both sides have repeatedly expressed desire to to settle the Caspian question of boundaries. Azerbijan is developing some of these fields unilaterally but the exploitation would continue to lack a legal backing until the sides can agree on the dividing line. Turkmenistan and Azerbijan agreed in February 1998 that the dividing line between their zones should be drawn along the median line but it would be necessary to ascertain the exact location of the median line before any division can take place.
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A Slow Boat to Somewhere   A Slow Boat to Somewhere
Peter McBride/Aurora
The cargo ship "Kura Ora" ("Good Morning") is the lifeline of the Tuamotu Islands, French Polynesia's 3000 mile long archipelago. The rusty, 163-foot vessel travels to 21 of the 78 Tuamotu Islands, covering a distance of over 900 miles on its monthly run. The ship brings vital supplies to the islands, transporting everything from food, fuel, and lumber to beer, bikes and tractors--over 600 tons of supplies. Truly making it the lifeline of the islanders and one of the world's most unique cargo ships.
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Women's Labor in Asia   Women's Labor in Asia
Fernando Moleres
In the global economy new centers of garment production have appeared in Asian countries like China, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. Fernando Moleres documents these new centers, showing the working conditions and way of life of workers there.
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The Big Dig   The Big Dig
Michael Hintlian/Aurora
The Central Artery/Tunnel Project in Boston, MA is the largest highway project in American history.
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Logistics Iraq   Logistics Iraq
Ed Kashi/Aurora
American forces in Iraq consumed more than 200,000 gallons of water and roughly a million gallons of fuel every day—all of which had to be trucked hundreds of miles into Iraq from Camp Arifjan in Kuwait.
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Fulton Fish Market   Fulton Fish Market
Bridget Besaw Gorman/Aurora
A New York City establishment for 160 years soon to disappear - but for now still hustling and bustling with activity and tradition.
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Nuclear Waste   Nuclear Waste
Peter Essick/Aurora
World Press Photo: 1st Prize Stories Science & Technology
A wide and in depth look at the legacy of the United State's Atomic and Nuclear programs - Clean up, Disposal and Storage. More situations availab
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Rhythm of the Tides   Rhythm of the Tides
Tim Peters/Aurora
Explore the Grand Manan Island fisheries in New Brunswick, Canada.
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Cuban Cars   Cuban Cars
Scott S. Warren/Aurora
In Cuba politics and necessity have conspired to create a living snapshot of America's golden age of automobiles.
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Perfume   Perfume
Robb Kendrick/Aurora
Ever wonder where all those exotic smells and fragrances come from? Click and find out
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The Basket Maker   The Basket Maker
Jose Azel/Aurora
Steve Zeh backs his hand crafted baskets with years oftraining and tradition
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